Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's On My Mind

Things going through my head at the moment...

Peak Oil...when? How severe? How will we fare in small town NZ?

Will the kids EVER get has been three weeks of fevers and snot and coughing and puking, and night waking!

What can I grow in a short term vege garden while we are renting?

Just shut up and start exercising already or you'll never fit your jeans without a muffin roll hanging over the top.

How will A and C cope when they start kindy next month...Will A throw huge screaming tantrums every time? Will she do the silent statue? Will she show her displeasure by weeing in the middle of mat-time? Will she totally astound me and be an angel who just delights in heading off to kindy with a "Bye-bye mummy, see ya later"? Will C run off and have the time of his life in the sandpit? Will he want a "cuggle" but not know who to ask and just get sadder and sadder? Will he be able to get to the toilet in time? Will the teacher's just want to smush him up like I do?

ETA: J thought I should clarify that smush=smooch, snuggle, kiss all over... rather than a typo of smash as he first read it.

Is O really truly as sad as he seems when he asks if his old best friend J could move close to our new house?

Is it possible to reinvent oneself in her thirties? Or is it just a bit lame? Can I really get away with wearing the kinda clothes I want to wear...bright, slightly boho and eclectic...kinda op-shop student with a bit less grunge and a bit more mummy thrown in? Shall I stick to the safe jeans and T's I've been wearing for the last five years cos then I blend better?

Isn't it amazing how friendly and welcoming people have been since we moved to this cool little town? Why am I surprised? I wonder if they will still talk to me next time after two of my children screamed and screamed while I was trying to make converstaion?

I really *should* blog more...but then is all a bit narcissistic...but I've started it so I should continue...never give up...don't be a failure girl...

Often I'd really like to be uncomplicated, face value, spontaneous and unfailingly positive...but then I'd be a Sanguine and my wonderful J wouldn't have married I guess being Melancholy me is not so bad after all.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cinematic Gems

We are a movie household. I have tried to go the no screen thing route...and we have got as far as virtually no commerical tv for the kiddoes. J and I still watch too much crap. Confession time...I LOVE ANTM and I really like Project Runway and Top Chef...and I actually was sad when my Baby E stopped waking at 3:30am 6 months back cos I never found out who won My Restaurant Rules...but then I gave myself a quick slap and snapped out of it.

Anyway...since we have been trying to cut down on the TV our DVD collection has expanded exponentially...and I justify the epense because renting them costs almost as much as buying them (okay occasionally) and this way I can lend them to trusted people and have a range handy for those times when I have torn/stained my Supermummy costume and need a wee break.

I have chilled out since I wrote this post...a here fav movies...WIP...

For a Girl's night In or curled up by myself with a block of choccy:
A Very Long Engagement
The Sound of Music
Pride and Prejudice (BBC thank you very much....mmmm...Colin Firth as Mr Darcy)
One Fine Day
Little Women
Some Kind of Wonderful
Sense and Sensibility
The Princess Bride
My Fair Lady
Roman Holiday
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Gone With the Wind

For curling up with the Kid's and a Big Bowl of Popcorn:
Stuart Little
Curious George
Mary Poppins
Little House Season One (Season Two is a bit more adult for my under fives!)
The Railway Children
Anne of Green Gables...okay the kids get bored but I LOVE Megan Follows as Anne.
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

For Watching with J:
Monty Python...especially The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail.
Blackadder...okay it is TV...but oh so favourite is Series Three with Hugh Laurie as the Prince.
Life is Beautiful
Citizen Kane
Grosse Point Blank
Hi Fidelity...heck anything with John Cusack
School of Rock
Oh Brother Where Art Thou
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Pirates of the Carribean
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow...heck I love Johnny Depp too..ever since 21 Jump Street!
LOTR...of course
The Great Escape
Lethal Weaponsss...okay they are dumb but who can resist "We're back, We're bad, He's Black, I'm mad!"

Okay...there are heaps more...I'll keep what are your must sees? No docos allowed...unless they are Mockumentaries!!!! Gotta love Best in Show.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I have actually been tagged a number of times...but I just have been super-slack/uninspired and haven't ever done anything about it...but Sarah tagged me and then Sharon hassled here goes...

8 things you didn't know about me...or wish you didn't as the case may be...

1. I LOVE cheese...mmmm...Cumin Gouda, Brie, Camembert, Halloumi, Feta, Cheddar, Plastic processed name it I love it...except for the full on Blue mouldy yucko ones and any that have more alcohol than a 21st in them!

2. I am turning rather quickly from a in totally obsessive... to a pretty messy housekeeper...still not sure what I think about that one...part of me minds...the other half just can't be bothered caring!

3. About 80% of the time my entire outift (sans underwear and socks) is either gifted or thrifted to me...I like being this and not exploiting slave labour!

4. I have an amazing husband who I don't appreciate enough...He likes to cook and bake...he often lets me sleep in on his days off...he willingly takes his share of the parenting...and he has always been chief pooey nappy changer. What a guy.

5. I only shower twice a week...unless I have been engaged in strenous exercise (snort!) Why? Cos I don't have time and don't wanna get up early and cos I feel guilty about water wastage and so forth...I'd much rather have a long hot shower less often than lots of quick ones.

6. I never once went to PE in Fifth Form...but still got an okay report which said that I had "partcipated in all activities"...thus proving that Secondary School teachers have no clues!

7. I really hanker to travel. I would love to take all of the kids and the hubby on a cycle tour through Holland...then ditch the kids and go to Italy and everywhere else just with my man.

8. The last movie I watched on the big Screen was Transformers...cos sometimes you just need to watch a big, dumb movie. One day soon I'll blog my all time fav movies for your perusal...okay Sharon??


We have finally gone to the Dark Side after our trusty SLR bit the big one...yes we have a new improved Digi camera that takes more than 6 shots without running out of memory or battery power.

I STILL don't like the whole digital delay issue...even though J swears that the delay on our camera is infinitesimal...I still seem to get lots of just darting out of the frame shots of the kids.

Anyway...I got all arty the other day and lay on the grass...yes I was that dedicated and took a whole heap of shots of the kiddoes on our lawn. I am quite proud of myself.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

My beautiful baby E-man is one! He is just so smoochable.

Facts and fun about Baby E...

He got his first tooth the day after his first birthday.

He has learnt to climb.

He throws a ball almost as well as O5.

He likes to sidle up to anybody who is sitting on the floor, reverse into your side and lie down on you for a snuggle.

He really enojys pushing buttons on the dvd player...while the other kids are watching something. Failing that turning the volume right up on the stereo is high on his list of new skills.

He really enjoys taking big slurps of water and the n blowing HUGE raspberries and guffawing at his incredible comedic ability.

He did super well out of turning one and got THREE separate parties and cakes!

Happy Birthday my lovely boy...for last week. You are a true blessing and we are so thankful that you are part of our family.