Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday O7

Today you officially exited from the little cute boy stage into the gangly, handsome, getting a bit hesitant of too many cuddles stage.

We love you so very much O7. You are such a cool kid. We love your quirky sense of hunour, your amazing insights and knowledge, your growing empathy and concern for others and your awesomest jokes.

Grow strong and steadfast O.



O7's teddy Snowflake had a birthday party
J grew a decidedly dodgy Mo for Movember

We took a walk through the Wetlands

E2 got his hands on a water gun and has been happy as a pig in muck ever since
Time for a quick update on the last month.
Whangamata with family...Christmas...back to work...busy....busy....hanging with family...cousins playing for hours...more big boy turned 7...babies all growing up :(