Tuesday, February 19, 2008


O6 and I planted some lavender in a small section of our garden. We worked together, talking about why we need to dig a deep hole, water with plant food before planting and carefully press down the soil around the base of the plant. O has his own wheelbarrow and gardening tools. He is excited about his own vege garden and we are planning it together.

As we work we talk about plants, pollination, weeds, watering, harvesting, sunlight, frost and all sorts of other relevant things.

Not a worksheet in sight.

One of the things I love about Home Ed is the way real life and education are one and the same.

Cutie Cottage

Our new house...bigger than it appears...front and back and my first DIY project...removing 40 year old wallpaper from the hardwood walls in the hallway...aaaargh!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Beach Bliss

Venturing East we passed any number of sparkly inviting beaches.

Confused children kept asking," Is THIS the beach we are going to?"

Toilet stops at the big Kiwifruit

2 hours later..it was worth the drive...over the hill

Caught up with friends from afar.

Warm water, jumping in the waves, splashing in the shallows.

Memories of teenage years past.

And to top it all off...20,000 books for sale...on somebody's front lawn...perfect!

Fabulous day at Ohope Beach...why do we live inland??

O6-and a month

Gorgeous O at 2 days old

January was crazy...but that is no excuse to neglect to blog your firstborn's birthday.

We love everything about you O...you are our thinker, our wonderer, our too-fast growing upper, our special boy who surprises us every day!

We pray for you every day that you would grow to become a man who loves God, who loves people and who makes a difference. We pray that you would always love life, continue to be amazed at the beauty of God's creation and always seek after truth.

Look at you now!