Thursday, March 04, 2010


So far, so good, we are settling into our new groove.

I am enjoying my foray back into the classroom.
Jamie is learning about opiates, cannibinoids, amatuerism in sport and the working classes and many other things.
O8 is reading a book by Stephen Hawking (Okay and Lucy Hawking...and it is a kid's book...but still very scientific and all that).
A5 is taking to writing like a duck to water and loves to write ...although not as much as she continues to love to draw.
C5 is keen as a bean to read and learn, play and grow and continues to display the kindest of hearts.
E3 dives in head first to whatever life brings his way and is often found up a tree or playing with his dinsoaurs.

Girl's weekend this weekend...yeeha...lots of good company, good crafting, good food and good wine...can't wait.

Off to the beach in two 2 weeks for some time with good friends, chaos, laughter and 9 kids under 8. Oh, yes, we do call that a holiday!