Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Out of the Mouths....

Conversation in the car after a long, fun day celebrating Christmas at Grandma's...

A3:(Giggle, snort, chuckle, grin)

Mummy: I love you A3

A3: (Giggle) I love you Mummy

Mummy: Do you love Daddy?

A3: Nooooo...I love MUMMY...Mummy a girl. Daddy not a girl like A3 and mummy. I no love Daddy.

A couple of minutes later...

A3: I love God

Mummy: God made you A3, eh?


Mummy: Yes, he did. God made you in Mummy's tummy.

A3: (In a very serious tone) Can I go back in your tummy now?

Mummy: No, you are too big.

A3: Can E1 go back in your tummy?

Mummy: No, you are all too big.

A3: Oh!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Handmade Christmas

Every year I get organised in about August and plan out the Christmas baking and all of the gifts I am going to make. Most years I get to about now and realise that I am going to have to pull some late nights to get it all done.

Last year saw me frantically sewing up a pressie for my niece while J and the kiddoes waited in the idling car.

This year I am again doing the last minute rush...but it is not frantic...yet.

One quirky idea I saw online last week and justHAD to add to my list is this...

If you happen to be one of my siblings don't look further cos it'll spoil the surprise

Apologies to the original designer...for the life of me I can't remember where I saw these little guys. I shamelessly copied the idea, but the packaging and the reduced sticker were my finishing touches. Each pack has four little gingy's who have been mercilessly munched.

I hope they all get to live peacefully on Christmas trees from here on.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

As If I Needed More Reasons To Love O5

O5 is almost 6...he can't wait for his birthday...I think he is growing up too fast.
Snippets of O5-almost6...

While putting up the tree at Oma and Opa's...O5 was conversing with Aunty J...

"The best book in the world is the Bible, and the second best is

Little House on the Prairie"

When said tree was decorated O5 exclaimed, "This is just

BEA-U-TIFUL! Mummy and Daddy will have to come and look at it."

When asked which of the themed gardens he liked at the Hamilton Gardens, O5 didn't have to even stop to think about it...

"I loved the English Flower Garden. It is just so beautiful and colourful and it has fountains and it is like a maze."

" Mummy, can I live with you and Daddy forever?"

"Well, you can live with us until you marry a lovely lady."

"Okay, then she can come and live with us too."

O5, you bring a smile to my lips and joy to my heart so often.
I love how you are so earnest and matter of fact.
I love how you truly grasp that the Bible is a unique and precious book.
I love the way you get excited by beauty, how full of wonder you are.

I love that you still want ot live with me forever and ever and that you come and snuggle in my bed...when you can find room between your siblings!

You are such an amazing boy O. I am super proud of you every day.




Sunday, December 02, 2007


We celebrated Sinterklaas today at the beauitful Hamilton Gardens. It was a new expeerience for the kiddoes and I. Oma and Opa came with us, and brought some special goodies...Taai-taai biscuits and Chocolate letters for each of us.

Eat your heart out Santa...this is the real deal.