Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rainbow Sweater

Quick Knit Sweater for Miss A4
Pattern is here

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day

We read "Why We Wear the Poppy" and I cried when I thought of Mrs Mackensie learning of her boy Jock's death. I tried to explain to my boys how hard it was to think of them going to war.

We read about Sir Charles upham and C4 asked me "Were the Germans the bad guys mummy?" So I tried to explain how in World War II the Germans had a leader who was a very bad man and that not all Germas were baddies.

We watched a movie about the River Plate and the children asked "Why are they blowing up the ships?" and "Did the people on the ships die?"

O7 read about WWI in his Horrible Histories and learnt about the events leading up to the Great War, and he was confused by it all. I tried to explain about why people start wars and fight each other...but it was too difficult.

My boys love their army men and often stage battles. I hope they never have to be involved in the "real thing"...but if they do, that they would be brave and honourable defenders.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blog Catch Up #84

I seem to be all feast and famine on the blogging front. It is really because I really can't be bothered continually uploading and fiddling with digipics all of the irritates me immensely. So every now and then I bite the bullet and realise I have 300 pics on the camera. Then I look at them all and realise that I have to share some of them...or lots of them as the case may be.

Seeing as this blog is our only current photo album and record of our day to day cominfgs and goings I do want to keep u0pdating it...however sporadically.

So once again here is an influx of new posts. See you again in a month or two




It's a Bugs Life

Shoes and Socks

I do love Mary Jane's and handknitted socks. Makes me think of Amelie.

Can you put these on the blog Mum?

Why, but of course I can put these on the blog!


When the Cat's Away

What does everyone do when mummy's swanning around the Capital with her mind-twin?
They make crazy straws, and "the cross that Jesus died on" and rumble on the couch.

Monet Masterpieces

I hve always loved fine art and studied art history at university. I want the children to grow up with an appreciation of art and artists. Periodically we create our own copies of famous artworks following the model of art students in times past.


E2 has a complete adoration of anything that moves or moos. Take one sunshiny summer day, four eager kiddoes and begrudgingly include some overpriced animal feed and voila...a fun day had by all.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still here

I'm still here.

Life is busy and hectic asusual. Kids are great, J is great, I'm getting there.

Notables of late:
Winter vege garden is in, hoping it's even half as prolific as the summer one.
Kids are checking monarch caterpillars every day for chrysalis, swan plants are almost stripped bare, hope they turn before the frosts come.
Spent a fabbo four days in Welly with one of my besties...cafes, craft stores, Monet exhibition, cafes and no kiddoes.
Homeschool hols right now, gearing up for the winter hunker down, sorting out the craft boxes, making the winter novel pile, double lining the curtains and piling up the firewood.

Quote of the day

Everyday your children need:
Someone or something to love
Something to do
Something to think about
-Karen Andreola.

Simple huh? Sounds likem y kind of educational philosophy.