Friday, June 27, 2008


I am a girly swot like many of my online friends...and I loved learning facts such as capitals of countries and highest waterfalls at school.

O6(and a half) is discovering the joys of geography. We have been playing The amazing Moa Hunt...and O6 often beats us, he even knows where Gore is!

O6 and I made a world map jigsaw puzzle again two days ago and spent ages looking for interesting places. O throught Christmas Island and the Sandwich Islands sounded pretty cool.

Our table cloth at the moment is a modified pvc shower curtain map of the world and at the Breakfast table O6 is very patient at explaining again and again to A3 and C3 that countries with other countries joining them are NOT islands, but that WE live on an island.

I have been reflecting again on just how organic learning is...provide the right environment and children (and adults) will learn, learn, learn.

Friday, June 06, 2008

You asked for it.

I have just begun a project that is right up my alley. I am part of a small team who are charged with improving the EOTC opportunities at my husband's work. It is a large camp that runs many different activities and camps, many of which are school camps. Myself and another teacher on staff are working to maximise the experieneces that are available for school groups in the EOTC area. We've just begun, but I am excited, I can do almost all of the work from hom via email/internet and phone and will have a one hour meeting each week for progress reports etc.

In an ideal world I would not have to work for pay at all, but with the current economic situation, world events and peak oil closing in, and the price of a pound of butter at $4... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I'm thankful that I can be involved in something worthwhile, enjoyable and that fits around my family really well....and it is not minimum wage!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Just popping in , we are still here...been lying low for a week with winter ails...nothing major just EVERYONE at once.

What's been happening?
C3 is awaiting bloodtest results for gluten allergy...if it is that it'll be a major PITA and also a relief to know how to help him not be sore all the time...cos his constant wailing is doing my head in
House renovations on a seemingly endless go slow due to sickies and consequently mummy flaking out in bed/in front of the telly once all are snuggled up in bed...doing my head in
First week for moi in paid part time employment ( from home even) 5 hours- not bad considering the abovementioned sickies...yaaay!
Conquered the overlocker threading and sewed up merino skivvies for the rapscallions...just need to hem them, or not bother and call them "trendy" with the overlocked edge showing...yaaay!
Been flicking between Jekyll and Hyde mummy today...yelled at C3, threw paper at O6 (yeah I know I am not 3) and threatened A3 (with what I can't recall)...but I also took everyone for a walk (with scooters and bikes even), sat at the table for ages drawing, cutting, pasting and so on and gave out iceblocks for dessert...I'm doing my own head's that for ya?

All in all, pretty standard motherly kinda stuff going on in my world...what about yours?