Sunday, August 03, 2008

I heart the Sallies day i decide I want to learn to spin wool, y'know how 'tis.

I was inspired by my lovely friend Lou.

Months later I acquired some unspun, carded wool via the lovely J from the Sallies near her place.

A couple of months further on I found The Ashford Book of Spinning at another Sallies shop.

Just this last week, on our anniversary getaway, I dragged poor J into the Sallies at our holiday spot and Eureka...the elusive spinning wheel.

Unspun fleece $9

How to Book $4

Spinning Wheel in perfect working order $50

Completely cementing my Nana status ...priceless.

Engineering/Transport Planning/Construction

C3-almost-4 made this huge Thomas traintrack today all on his lonesome, with no fussing or throwing things around in frustration. He then set about chasing Thomas with the naughty diesel, narrating the events as they occured. He even let the E2-in-7-days in on the action (add interpersonal skills and negotiation to the list).

Again I marvel at the naturalness (is that even a word?) of learning. I could write an assessment of all of the learning that went on in this play...but we all know that learning is not about ticking little boxes and meeting arbitrary achievement objectives.

Flood Fun

All this rain caused a lake in the lower paddock at the Grandparents.

The kids had a ball splashing about.