Monday, November 24, 2008

Delectable Designs

I have discovered the pleasure of knitting dress bodices and then whipping up a simple gathered skirt to make A4's summer wardrobe. The pleasure of knitting, but oh so quick and the chance to use yummy fabric without having the spectre of failed pattern piecing looming over one's head.

Bodice is called Summerlin and shrug is Jane Austen Shrug
Ginger Blossom skirt with stella bamboo in lemon/lime and cleakheaton bamboo in aqua for the bodice and shrug.

Bodice in teal cotton and skirt from $2 rack at Spotlight

Bodice is chocolate brown cotton Pride and Prejudice from Mason Dixon Knitting Off the Edge and skirt is more $2 fabric from Spotlight.

Friday, November 14, 2008


How can you not want to try making something with such a groovy name.

We got the idea from unpluggedkids.

We made a huge mess.

We pretended to be scientists discovering this weird substance.

We discussed how it is a liquid and a solid.

We talked about Issac Newton.

We still haven't cleaned the picnic table two hours later.

Snapshots of our days

In the last couple of weeks...
We have made another vege bed. This one has beetroot, onions, meslun and tonatoes in the kids boxes, zucchinin, and runner beans on the fence, plus the apple tree is getting some leaves.

E2 has dug holes in all of the garden beds with his trusty tonka diggers.

We have collected hail from the front lawn.

Mr E2 has started wearies undies every day...Thomas undies even.All four have enjoyed amateur dramatics with impromptu puppet theatre.