Thursday, May 29, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday I was up and energised and had one of those wonderful days when lots gets done and noone falls by the wayside...probably helped that A3 and C3 were out for most of the day at Preschool eh?

I got 3 loads of washing out and in, weeded one of my garden beds, made some more progress on the sanding and painting in the laundry/kitchen, played board games with O6, read books with E21 months, made homemade vege pizza with A3 and even made a fire that took straight away.

However this morning I am on the go is chilly, but beautifully sunny outisde, C3 ended up in our bed all night with a temperature and a scratchy cough so I am bleary eyed, the kids are watching dvd's in the lounge with the fire on and it is only 10am!

About to push aside my funk...rug up the kiddlies with woolly socks and gumboots and go for a walk in the sunshine and then back home to bake some feijoa and coconut cake...or maybe Katie's Feijoa and chocolate cake. ..cos we got some of the last feijoas too.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gettin' Up Close and Personal

A3 is our bug girl.

She is scared of dogs and terrified of cats...but spiders pfffft!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

Long blog...been doing lots of thinking and lots of living...and finally walking straight more labyrinthitis!

Been reading too...
Finally caught up with the cool kids and read Rob Bell's Velvet much to read aloud to J that I ended up just giving him the entire book.
Read, enjopyed and passed Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma to my Dad to peruse and tracked down In Defence of Food at the local library...just starting that one.
Read the latest NZ Gardener mag from cover to cover...must actually subscribe!

Decided to take a leaf out of Sandra's book (or blog!) and try and get into my garden every day...even for a few minutes. This week I have weeded the front flower gardens and the whole vege patch (which aint that much...yet), supervised the installation of my new to me glasshouse giufted by my lovely brother, discovered we have orchids sitting next to the house still in a polybag, dug out more of the never ending oxalis, rescued countless brassicas from E21months attempts to help me weed and deadheaded the one lonely rosebush of its one lonely wilted rose.

Spent more time contemplating just what is truly necessary or will drive me absolutely batty if it doesn't get done on the house renovation. My list of wants is getting pared down very quickly as I consider the rising costs of day to day living and the ever decreaing $$$ in the savings account.

We are getting the floors polished, have bought two panel heaters for the kids room and for the dining room for the depths of winter, and have purchased paint to do most of the interior...oh the joys of stripping back five layers of old paint!

We will have to reline the shower cubicle and replace the bathroom vanity...but I am keeping the old bath and the old loo cos the are both in pretty good nick and reusing all of the old tapware cos it works great and reminds me of staying at my Oma's as a kid.

J and I have decided to cut back on TV and only turn it on for those shows we really can't live without...y'know like Project Runway and ANTM for me...Boston Legal and Top Gear for both of us and the occasional Sports News for J. Already feeling more refreshed and getting other stuff scraping off old paint!

I have been trying to spend more time one on one with each of the kiddoes...I have played computer Battleships with O, glued and coloured with A, listened to C's imaginary stories and played Thomas Trains with E. I am not naturally a very playful mummy...but I want to build relationship with each of them. Pondering what it means to truly be involved in their lives. Ditto Sharon-my mind twin...even read The Creative Family last month too! my brain is to read the papaer and then curl up in bed with Michael Pollan and my hot water bottle...well actually, my electric blanket...having a hard time giving it up when the weather turns cooler.

Monday, May 05, 2008


As much as I wish my post title meant I had been reliving my youth by watching loads of old movies with David Bowie as the Goblin King...alas it is not so.

Instead I have been battling with an inner ear infection for the last week. I do like the name though...Labyrinthitis sounds so much more exciting than inner ear infection.

I thought I had come down with gastro/rotavirus when I started puking and couldn't get out of bed for almost four days...but it is likely that it was all down to the pesky virus making my inner ear munted!

I can now get up and about but feel like I have been on a boat for a month or have had too many wines. The room is spinning and swaying constantly and I cannot concentrate on anything for very long.

Blessing number one is that fortunately I hardly ever get sick, so when I do I get to make the most of my wonderful hubby's concern...and the kids revel in watching almost unlimited dvd's while mummy has another nap.

Blessing number two is that I am not preggie...the first few days felt suspiciously that would have thrown a spanner in the works!

Blessing number three...due to being basically unable to eat much for a week I have finally got back to my goal to keep it off once the hunger kicks back in. I am even comfortably wearing the size ten jeans I had given up for lost.

Hopefully I'llbe back to normal we have a winter of renovation preparation to do, then a spring of painting and polishing...then a summer of relaxing in our freshly updated home.