Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nature's Bounty

Waaay back in October the kids germinated two bean seeds each on the windowsill. We planted them out into a bean den, and watched and waited for the first shoots to appear, then almost overnight we were surrounded by Beanstalks reaching up into the clouds.

One of the benefits of getting the kids growing their own veges is they seem much more inclined to eat them. Every couple of days we harvest a pile of huge, yet surprisingly tender beans. They are gobbled up still warm off the vine...and I have to hide the rest or they all disappear before I can get them into a pot for dinner.

Since we are moving in a few weeks to our new, own home where I can plan a lovely big square foot garden...I have begun to harvest the potatoes while they are small, new and tender. I have never bothered with potatoes before cos they are relatively inexpensive, but there is something very satisfying in digging for spuds...I will defintely make a potato plot a feature in future gardens!

I LOVE the rainbow swiss chard (sounds so much more gourmet than silverbeet eh?) and am harvesting the last of a huge crop that grew surprisingly well from a pack of half dead neglected seedlings. I plan to make this a part of my decorative mixed garden at our new home. It is just so pretty with the red and orange stems.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


My baby has the Pox! Poor little guy, he even has them in his mouth! He is still supercute though. Get better soon my lovely xx

Oooo, aaargh! Pirates Me Hearty!

We have spent the last two weeks busy at Family Camps at Totara Springs. Unlike some of my friends we get totally into the Pirate thing in our house...well, apart from all of the bloodthirstyness, marauding, murder and hmmm...the Jack Sparrow version really!

It really was a great time. J and I oragnised the 3-4 year olds for an hour each morning, O-almost 6 overcame some of his fear of water in the pool, A3 and C3 played Playdoh, ran around and got used to large crowds and bubba took his first forays into independence at the creche each morning...where he spent much of his time cuddled on knees and scoffing biscuits.

Belated Christmas Pics

Here are a few pics of the kiddoes enjoying various Christmas, fun and festivity! O-almost6 decorating at Oma and Opa's.
The Rascals decorating our tree...and I didn't even change it all to make it symmetrical and even afterwards. I AM getting so relaxed these days.
Beautiful Princess A3 at Grandma and Grandad's
E3 with Uncle D ripping into it at Grandma's
Beautiful weather, good company

We did the whole eat lots and unwrap a trillion pressies with the extended family in Auckland...twice! On Christmas morning we spent a morning together reading about the events that gave us Christmas and reflecting on God's wonderful gift to us in Jesus Christ before enjoying lunch with Opa and Oma.
Merry Belated Christmas!