Monday, March 09, 2009

Playdough Cookies

Fun to make, and fun to eat. Just don't think about all of that artificial food colouring

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Satisfaction is cooking up a summer meal where 90% of the ingredients are freshly picked by the children, from our very own garden, that we have lovingly tended...ahem...let grow wild and hacked through to find the bounty.

Voila...pumpkin, courgette and garlice stuffed capsicums with rice and vine ripened tomatoes.
The only "imported" ingredients being the cheese and the rice.

Taranaki Dreaming

We have had such a wonderful time over the summer holidaying with the cuzzies from Chicago. It was really sad to say Goodbye last week knowing that it is unlikely we will see each other agin for a couple of years. The kids all got on so well with hardly a niggle, the sil's talked and talked about books and politics and philosophy and everything really while the brothers reminded each other of all of the quirks and memories of growing up together.

We all travelled to New Plymouth for a week away together. Auntie B has all of the best pics on her camera...disc please B! But here are a few little reminders of a special holiday.

Narrow Gauge Train at Pioneer Village - Stratford

Brooklyn Park Zoo

Pioneer Village Fire Station
Pumping Water
It's school, kids...but not as we know it!

Say Cheese!


Now that we are almost out of nappies we have also graduated from Playdough to Plasticine clay. I am looking forward to the day that I let everyone loose on real clay. It is so therapeutic to mould and knead and create...and it gives mummy a wee bit of quiet internet time too.
P.S. Can you spot some our favourite movie characters?

Slimy Science

As dictated by O7...
Yesterday I wanted to do some science experiments. I made a volcano. I had to put vinegar and baking soda and tomato sauce in the volcano. When all of that was put in, it erupted.
I made a floating eyeball. I drew an eyeball on afresh egg. I dropped it into a jam jar of water, stirred salt in it and the eyeball began to float.
I made a magic icecube. I laid some sewing thread on the top of the ice cube, carefully put slat on the top, wiated for about 30 seconds and then I pulled the sewing thread and the cube came too. The salt made the sewing thread stick to the cube by melting the ice a little bit.