Friday, March 07, 2008

Prairie Girl

About the only positive to come out of delousing my children was A3 allowing me, for the first time ever to do her hair. Here she is looking oh so grown up with plaits a la Laura Ingalls or Pippi Longstocking.

It is just as well that I took a pic or two because she won't let me near her hair again!

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Ultimate Blog Party 2008

I'm Karen, sometime blogger, full time kid wrangler and hubby hassler. I have four amazing children. O6 is my fount of all knowledge, quirky, loving policeman. A3 is my sweet, fiery, opinionated princess. C3 is my cuddly, snuggly, sensitive teddy bear boy. E18 months is our bubba, doted on, rascally and altogether cute kid.

We live in a small farming town in New Zealand. We moved here from the City 6 months ago and love it.

I am usually kept busy reading Richard Scarry or Where the Wild Things Are, discussing Ziggurats and Constellations or racing down the driveway to catch an adventurous toddler.

Otherwise I can be found spending too much time online, knitting, catching up with friends over herbal tea, valiantly attempting sourdough bread hoping that just once it'll be edible rather than brick, and renovating our 1920's cottage with 60's extension.

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