Monday, October 15, 2012

Voice thread

I was directed to voicethread via a link on the Week Two blendkit webinar. From there I found this great blog showing how it can be utilised with 5-6 year olds.

Check out Primary Perspectives

The thing that I really get inspired by is the potential for home and school interactions. Deb and her Year 1-2's involve parents  and  grandparents in the learning and discussion, and then utilise the information and discussion into the classroom programme.

In the primary school years it is especially important in my opinion to be creating blended learning activities that encourage participation  by the teacher, children and the children's families.

As a parent I am excited by the shift from one child with his/her computer playing video games or viewing information in an isolated environment to utilising the technology available to provide a forum for interaction that is not constrained by the school day when most parents are busy at work.

I can also see how voicethread is a useful tool for sharing learning, providing a record of learning and a presentation of learning. Evidence of learning does not need to be assessment sheets or tests in all instances.

After a few minutes of playing around...

Obviously this is a very rough sample on the free version of voicethread. For classroom use with multiple contributors an upgrade purcahse would be most beneficial.

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