Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homeschool Wobbles continue...

Homeschool wobbles are universal. I found this encouraging post today.

My biggest wobles at the moment are based on finances and my own selfishness.

It is a big sacrifice to homeschool. Our potential income is more than halved - I have more earning power than J.

There is little kudos for home educating. When I was a classroom teacher I got paid, I got feedback on my job performanceand I got lots of presents at the end of each year.

As a homeschool mum I get concern and questions which, however well intentioned, feed into my insecurities.

However when it all comes down to it, I am convinced that the kiddoes are being truly educated and THAT is what it is all about. J and I have no interest in our kids being well -schooled...we want them to gain an education.

Maybe it really isn't all that complicated...

If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need. - Cicero

Check and check...phew!


Amber said...

Yeah, those questions and comments always rock me a bit. I'm getting tougher little by little I think. Thanks for linking to my post, such a relief that others feel the same, you know?

Sharonnz said...

I hear ya, sister.

nova_j said...

ohh yes.. my challenge is to actually involve the kids more in what i do.. otherwise at the mo i'm finding that by trying to get the chores done quickly in the morning so that we can have the rest of the day free is actually taking til 4.30pm, with no free day. and then i angst every day that i have hardly *seen* the kids all day :(

but yesterday paul took the little two out and i was folding washing when lexi decided to help me clean! and as i folded, and she wiped avocado off our dining room wall ( *rollseyes* ) we had some awesome conversations, that are so lacking if i try to do everything myself!